Let’s Not Canonize The Wicked

Big Media is falling over itself trying to canonize the Lion of the Senate, Ted Kennedy, who died this week. But let’s not forget the man let a woman die that could have been saved while he tried to save his political career from the fallout. Apparently, he liked to joke about it. If that’s true (and the man who said it was close friend, Ed Klein), he deserves our scorn in death, not our praise. It would be a most disgusting thing to do.

The man wasn’t a saint or a great man or anything he’s being portrayed as. He didn’t give his life to public service, he used public service to become powerful and well known. He was a lifetime politician, a man who contributed little of value or import that is lasting other than a “career” in the Senate. I’m not glad he’s gone but I’m not sad either.

2 comments on “Let’s Not Canonize The Wicked

  1. You are right on. He was a drunken buffoon and I’ll never understand how he got chosen to serve again and again. The man should have done jail time.

    He’s the farthest thing from a hero in my book.

  2. I started to say that I’m not glad he’s dead, but if that was the only way to get him out of the Senate then yeah, I’m glad he’s dead. Perhaps it would be more appropriate to say that I wish there had been some other way to get him out of office. He was worse than uselss.

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