You’re Doing It Wrong If

How many ways are you doing it wrong? I think I count a definite five and possibly up to seven ways. Does Linq to SQL count as an ORM? No, I didn’t think so. Anyway, I think I’m going to start reading blogs about Teletubbies. They probably never tell me how wrong I am and aren’t nearly as depressing to read.

Note to my non-technical audience: I apologize for all the recent tech related blogging. I know it’s not what you come here for (though other than those of you who feel compelled to come here because you don’t want me to ask you if you’ve read my blog today when you haven’t, you know who you are), it’s just that I seem to be writing about what I’m doing a lot of these days and that’s driving to work, doing a bunch of work related things, going home and thinking about work (except on Friday nights and all day Saturday, I should blog more then) and then doing it all again the next day.

Anyway, hopefully you’ll stick around for my witty ways of writing about technology. Ahem. Or maybe you’ll just stick around because you feel compelled to. I’m OK with that.

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