Longing For The Crappy Old Days

I’ve discovered that I never would have made it in the “old” days of software development, the days where you had punch cards and you might get one build a day so you better make damn sure all your punch cards were in line and order and whatever else you did with punch cards. I wouldn’t have made it because I’m too big of a mental midget to remember all the t’s I didn’t cross and all the i’s I didn’t dot. I use F6 to keep up with those things and while John McCarthy would probably happily shoot me for being lazy, we live in a day and age where technology has made building software easier and I don’t see any reason why we should long for the good old days that in fact really sucked.

I bring all this up because none of it matters in Visual Studio 2008. I’m going to have to become one of those old fogies who walked 10 miles one way dragging a sled in the snow with White Fang on it. I’m going to have to start making sure the build is right the first time because hitting F6 in Visual Studio 2008 is a lot like standing in line at the DMV. It’s slow, painful and it makes me want to start shooting people. Don’t get me wrong, VS 2008 is an awesome tool but good God, builds take forever and invariably, about the time I start one, I remember the one line of code I left out. I’m going to start pretending to hit F6 and then just sit and wait until I remember the pieces I left out. My productivity will definitely go up.

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