Just Because Your Users Are Stupid Doesn’t Mean You Have To Torture Them

Here’s some fun code:

private void AddButton_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
  if (user.IsStupid)
      MessageBox.Show("Hey Stupid, don't be so stupid in the future", "Information", MessageBoxButton.OK, MessageBoxImage.Error);
    // TODO Treat smart users well here

Of all the truly evil things in the world, Information only Message Boxes have to rate in the top 3 right below Pol Pot and above the Dallas Cowboy’s performance this season. They take focus away from the UI, they supposedly require input except that there’s only one way to input information and they generally serve no purpose. I can’t think of a single place where an Informational Message Box makes sense. Stop doing it. Please.

This rant brought to you by my impending vacation sponsored by Citibank. I apparently need one.

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