Speaking Of Open Source

PostgreSQL is looking for a web designer to give their site a new look. From the mailing list:

To help find a great designer, we’ve decided to put $2000 on the table.

The first stage of the project is a design mock-up. A panel of
PostgreSQL community members will act as judges for a $1000 (US)
prize! We want our web design to reflect the care, dedication and
excellence of our developers. We’ve outlined in detail what we’re
looking for at http://wiki.postgresql.org/wiki/Website_Overhaul_Requirements.

The second stage of the project is implementation. The winning
designer will develop the stylesheets and create any images required,
and work with the PostgreSQL Web Team to deploy the new design
throughout our infrastructure. An additional $1000 will be awarded to
the designer once the new look goes live!

So if you’re a web designer who fancies contributing to a great open source project but would also like a little cashola if you win, this could be your chance. More details on the mailing list.

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