Our Idiot Representatives

We are living in what can lightly be described as trying times and our Senators think it is of utmost importance to hold hearings on the Bowl Championship Series. We are represented by buffoons and self-serving ego maniacs, creatures who must insert themselves into every conversation in a vain attempt to yell louder than their neighbor under the false impression that we, the people who elected them, expect that. The BCS is of so little concern right now in the minds of Americans that it might as well not exist and yet these idiots feel compelled to waste taxpayer money in an attempt to make things right, whatever that means.

In announcing the hearings, they say “The current system leaves nearly half of all the teams in college football at a competitive disadvantage when it comes to qualifying for the millions of dollars paid out every year”. Maybe it’s because half of all teams in college football suck and are rightfully disqualified. Don’t think for one minute that Utah, this year’s annual poster boy for killing the college bowl system, didn’t make a killing in the bowl they played in. This isn’t about teams not making money in bowl games or deciding a national championship. This is just about idiots needing to see their names in the paper.

By all accounts, most college football players and coaches prefer the bowl system. With the exception of the top tier teams, it’s a chance to go somewhere nice (unless it’s Boise, who in God’s name thought there ought to be a bowl in Boise?), have a nice vacation and play a little football at the end of the season. On top of that, certitude is fleetingly rare in life so why in the hell would we expect it in our sports? Do we really want to subject college athletes to 4 or 5 more games at the end of an already long season? What about kids who get hurt in game 3 and ruin their chances of playing in the NFL?

This is more legislation for the sake of legislation, as if we can achieve salvation through it. We elect people to represent us in things that matter. Fixing the unbroken does not matter. This is ridiculous.

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