Change We Can Believe In

A bill has been introduced by a Democrat whose husband does work for Monsanto that would effectively kill farmer’s markets. Under the guise of protecting those of us who never asked for protection, the government is trying to regulate all food we might buy. A new governmental entity would be created out of thin air to handle all this regulation all in the name of higher quality food, leaving aside the facts that the large outbreaks of salmonella and e-coli in recent years have almost always been traced back to large corporations or farms already under regulation. If the government can’t stop it there, why should we believe the regulation of farmer’s markets and small family farms will be any more successful?

We’re not 100 days in yet and we’re starting to see unbelievable crap like this. We’ve elected people who are under the impression that what we want most is to be protected. At some point, there will be a clash between the people who just want to be left alone and this big government that is slowly consolidating power. I have no idea what the outcome will be but I’m starting to get a tad nervous about it.

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