Things have been quiet here for the last few days, we picked up and went camping out in East Texas. Had a great time disconnecting from all the crap that goes on around these parts on a daily basis. Caddo Lake State Park is worth checking out if you’re in the area as most state parks are. Jefferson is a fun time as well. We saw Guy Clark at Music City Texas Theater in Linden on Saturday night and that was a treat not usually encountered on a camping trip.

Overall, a nice trip. I’ll try to get some pictures up if any are of note tonight.

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  1. Getting off the grid is definitely refreshing. Camping is just out of the question down here, thanks to the lack of rain. No fires = no camping. I bet Guy Clark was a fun time…I like that guy.

  2. It was great. Made me want to do it again this weekend but I think I’ll build a rain collection system instead in preparation for the rain we may or may not get.

    That sucks that you can’t even have campfires there, is that true for the state parks too? We were going to go to Buescher but it was full so we headed east. Can’t imagine going camping and not being able to fry eggs and bacon and make coffee in the morning.

    Guy seemed a little distracted this time around but I sure do love his words. They had a sellout in tiny Linden and the crowd was appreciative if not a little bit subdued. Verlon Thompson is a great guitar player and fun to watch.

  3. No rain = burn bans = no campfires. It’s raining right now, supposed to do so for three days. If we can get a nice English-style pissing down for that long, it will go a long way to fixing up the camping situation. Not to mention helping the rivers, which will make me even crazier than no camping, if I can’t kayak.

    I’m like you — I could cook over propane or charcoal, but where’s the fun of that?

  4. Collin County Adventure Camp (picture a weekend with 250 guys and their 6-to-8-year-old daughters) got special permission for us to light our fires last weekend. It was touch-and-go for a while there.

    Probably not as peaceful as your trip, but nice to get away even so.

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