Things have fallen quiet around the Experiment of late, been working 10 hour days on a rush project which leaves me only capable of watching 4 Family Guy episodes in a row when I get home instead of writing witty and engaging blog posts about Obama wanting to steal your guns (do poker people really think Obama will be able to legalize poker? Are you kidding? Please spare me) and other assorted landmark events in the incredible times we Americans are experiencing.

I’ve got a couple of philosophical posts brewing that come across as entirely too serious, maybe a resolutions update and who knows what else wafting through the ether that is my gray matter. I’ll try to get some of those down on bits and bytes this weekend but I also have a full slate of non-work related activities to catch up on like gardening and getting my hair cut. So don’t be surprised if Monday rolls around with nothing but more silence around these parts.

In the meantime, what’s going on in your world? Consider this a cliched open thread. And gratuitous pictures of a dog that thinks he is terribly unloved.

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