I’ve previously done some 2008 navel gazing and now it’s time to publicly lay out some resolutions for 2009 if for no other reason than enjoying humiliation. So here they are, in all their boring glory.

  1. Write 52 letters. Probably will mostly be to family.
  2. Write a novel in November.
  3. Start playing the sax again.
  4. Do a sub 35 minute Murph.
  5. Do a sub 5 minute Fran.
  6. Play golf 26 times.
  7. Write a real application in Python.
  8. Read 12 books.

There they are. They span most of my interests right now which keeps them broad and varied. Only 1 is really nebulous and that’s the third one. I need to flesh that out a little with some way of measuring whether it’s happening or not. The rest are pretty goal oriented which I think is important to success.

We’ll see what they look like in 12 months.

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