Random Thoughts On The Election

Huge turnout is something to be proud of. You hear people constantly bemoaning the fact that Americans don’t vote but this time they did. That’s exciting for our country.

The popular vote is coming in 51% to 45% which is quite close. Remember how important the popular vote was supposed to be in 2000? If so, it’s still important to note here that the nation is deeply divided. While the electoral counts look lopsided, they don’t represent actual votes and Obama hardly has a mandate for major change. I don’t think that will stop him from trying to implement it but he’s likely to find people aren’t interested.

One group that you wouldn’t think of benefiting from an Obama presidency is the NRA. I predict they are going to see a huge increase in the number of members in the coming months. This post tells why. Of course, I think that’s a good thing.

America made a choice for statism last night. I hope it’s one we can step back from eventually though looking at the history of the European countries, it worries me slightly.

Overall, Obama is still our president. You’ll hear lots people (well, you will if you visit conservative sites much) saying “He’s not my president” just like the left did with Bush but I find that to be distasteful and does nothing but increase the divide between us. He may or may not be exactly what you wanted but if you are an American citizen, he is your president. You can work to affect change in 2012 or you can bitch about it. Your choice.

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