Some People Can Coach, Some Can’t

So San Fran is down by 7 with under two minutes to go, they have a 4th and 10 on the 28 or so. If they kick a field goal, they still have to score a touchdown to win. As a coach, you have a chance to send a message to your players that you aren’t giving up, even if the season seems lost. Instead, Mike Nolan kicks a meaningless field goal. I just don’t understand why you’d ever do something so dumb if you really are trying to win. Even if you have all your timeouts, I can’t believe you have a better chance of recovering an onside kick over making a fourth and ten from the 28. Even if you don’t make it, you have the opponent at the 28 with all your timeouts.

As it is, you just look like you’re not trying to win.

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