Days 11 and 12

The last two days have been very productive. Today was almost completely focused on the design of the web site, something I struggled with a couple of weeks ago. I gave up on doing a column design since CSS doesn’t really support that very well and went with an all horizontal layout. It feels cleaner and it was certainly easier to do. Because my mad design skillz are far more sad than mad, it took most of the day but I’m learning a ton about CSS and Plyons in the process so it’s a good thing.

Yesterday, I finished up the scraper and parser for the stats. It’s run the last few days with no problems so things look good there. Tomorrow, I’m going to try and hook the two into a single application.

I still have to decide whether or not to go back in and change all the table names in the database. I need to spend some time in the morning figuring out how big of a pain in the ass that will be.

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