Day 11

Yesterday, I took a day off. Heh. Let that one sink in for a little bit. Anyway, K was off so we ran errands, got the car fixed and cleaned the house. Today has been good, at least this morning was. In the last 10 days, I’ve discovered that from 2 to about 4 or 5, I’m worthless for anything involving thinking. It’s good to actually realize this because going forward, I can do things like clean the house, laundry and what not instead of wasting productive time in the morning doing it.

I’ve got the NBA parser running at least on a very limited basis. SQLAlchemy continues to impress me. Instead of having to write a ton of stored procs to insert data, it’s all handled by SQLAlchemy. Granted, if I ever wanted to go to stored procs, I’d have to reconfigure the tool but given that I’m not likely to see a huge level of traffic for this little application, it’s nice for a change to not have to write SQL for a change.

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