Day 8

Today has been far more productive than the last two combined. I jumped back into Python and SQLAlchemy, working on a pet project to harvest and analyze NBA statistics. The more I work with SQLAlchemy, the more I’m impressed with it. I’ve never done any work with NHibernate on the .net side of things but I really enjoy the mapping functionality that SQLAlchemy provides on top of the data base layer. It’s so much more pleasurable to write a few lines of code and let a solid framework handle the all the ORM crap.

I’ve got a PostgreSQL database running here at home that I plan to stick statistics into from the web. Once I’ve got the framework for that done and working including the nightly scraping of box score information, I’ll begin working on a web site front end to query that data in a variety of ways.

The more code I write, the easier it is to get into it. After such a long time of working for 15 minutes at a time at Billmatrix, it’s nice to get into something for 2-3 hours. It’s getting much easier to focus and stay focused. I expect tomorrow will be another incremental step in that direction.

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