Day 4

Today has been far more productive than yesterday. The site is still ass-ugly but the functionality is coming along decently. It’s still a struggle to get into the groove and mostly that’s due to having to learn Mako, SqlAlchemy, Pylons and PostgreSQL all at the same time. My information overload switch has been thrown and I need a break. I am getting better each day (I can actually feel it) at staying on task for longer periods of time.

I gave up on using CSS exclusively and I think that’s the right choice. For one thing, I don’t have any fancy tools so I’m coding it all up by hand. Second, tables have their place and their place is in the hands of people like me who have no design skillz. And third, design isn’t what I’m interested in so why make it the hardest and most time-consuming part of this little adventure?

I’m trying to work 7:30 to 6 most days with several decent breaks thrown in for walking the dog, reading programming.reddit, and just generally giving my head a break. That said, I’m going to spend the last couple of hours today working on a different project.

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