Getting Noticed Means Getting Hired

That’s the gist of this post and it certainly is true in the techie universe I live in. One of the fastest ways to get noticed is to have a decent resume. I read my fair share of resumes as a tech lead at work and let me tell you, most of them suck balls. The ones that don’t suck balls are at best average and not once in my 7 years with my company have I ever seen a resume that made me think the person writing it was willing to take a chance.

My resume (not posting it but if you’re interested, I’ll show it to you) isn’t a thing of great beauty but it’s got a couple of things going for it. First, it’s short. Brutally short. I saw a resume at work 2 weeks ago that was 9 printed pages long. That’s ridiculous. On top of that, it makes me think you’re a dolt or a show-off. Either way, getting my vote is an uphill battle.  Your resume should be 2 pages max.  If I want to know more about your work history beyond two pages, trust me, I’ll ask.

Second, I take chances with my resume. I want someone to read it and have a reaction. I’d prefer it to be a “Holy crap, get this guy on the phone” reaction but I’m ok with “What a maroon” too. Either way, we’re getting somewhere. If I’m looking for a job, I’m looking for one that’s better than the one I’ve got. If I wanted a job just like the one I have, I’d just keep the one I have. Take a damn chance. If your objective has one single thing about specific technical details, you’ve screwed up. Example from mine: I want to read the daily Dilbert and not once identify my own coworkers in the strip. As I said, take a damn chance.

Lastly, it’s well-written. I had at least 3 people proof it including at least one (my lovely wife) who doesn’t have the foggiest clue what SOAP or XML or SOA stands for but very definitely knows whether I should use effect or affect. If English ain’t your first language, find someone for whom it is (unless you’re trying to get hired in India) and have them proof it. Twice. Don’t underestimate the affect effect of a well-written resume.

If you’re looking for a job in a cubicle farm, forget everything I’ve said. If not, take it to heart. Oh, and Be Smart and Get Things Done. That helps too.

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