Let’s Keep Picking On Dallas

While we’re picking on Dallas, might as well point out another excellent Schutze column at The Observer detailing what sounds like a nifty little scam business opportunity of one Ed Oakley, candidate for mayor.  The whole Trinity project has become a boondoggle, almost entirely because of the special interests and power brokers that operate behind and above the scene of politics in Dallas.

If you live in or around Dallas, you owe it to yourself to support the Trinity Vote project which is trying to get the Trinity project on the ballot for a revote concerning that stupid toll road all the power brokers want to run down the middle of the park.  We’re kinda at a cross-roads here and depending on the political power of Angela Hunt and the Trinity Vote project, Dallas can do something good or something bad.  Based on the history of Dallas, my brain says it’s going to be the latter.  But my heart hopes it’s the former.  You can donate your time or money to the project and I’m sure it would help.

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