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After a surge of attention, we’re back to not being motivated to write around these parts.  Much has been going on, the majority of it being bad in nature so I think that might have something to do with it.  I did upgrade to WordPress 2.1.2 which was pretty painless.  I’m happy with the new features like auto-save so that when and if I ever do write again, I won’t lose a post mid-rant.

We’re going to Ohio this weekend for K’s grandmother’s funeral, we were in Amarillo last weekend for my uncle’s funeral and I’m just pretty damn ready for life to return to normality.  I actually had 4 people in my family pass away last week and then K’s grandmother Monday night so as far as weeks go, this one sucks.

I have a big garden/lawn work weekend planned for next week including treating the lawn with pre-emergent, fertilizing all the trees, moving a fence, installing a fence, stripping out a bunch of sod and putting in a new veggie garden on the south side of the house.

It’s entirely too pretty outside and I want to start practicing golf.   I’m also ready to go camping and to go down to Llano for some fishing though it’s not quite warm enough for that yet.

That’s it for now, you may return to your normal exciting life.

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  1. there’s a sale on organic stuff at covington’s (sp?) I believe I’ve completely forgotten their name. The one off 66. Anyway there’s a ‘buy 3, get 10% off” sale on soil additives, fertilizers, and other stuff, which i think may include corn gluten.

  2. Covington’s is right and sounds like a trip there is in order. 🙂

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