In the dictionary (or Wikipedia), under hypocrisy, there should be a picture of Al Gore.  I love it when rich liberals preach to me about how I should live my measly life when they are burning through more electricity in a month than I use in a year.  That’s just awesome stuff there.

Lots of people will say it’s not important what Gore does personally, that he is changing the world through his message.  I find that ignorant.  If a preacher says “Don’t commit adultery” but then sleeps with the choir director’s wife, it’s important in the same way.  But beyond that, people like Gore greatly (I’d say overly) influence public opinion and policy.  The fact that he preaches for change while largely ignoring his own advice doesn’t lend any weight to his message.  Of all people, he has the means to make sure he lives his message.  And unfortunately, he doesn’t bother with it.

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