Excellent Customer Service

Lots of times on the internet, the negativity is overwhelming so I view it as my duty to negate that a little every time I find something positive that is positively shocking. 🙂 I just got off the phone with Citibank. I called to opt-out of the balance transfer checks that they send at least twice a week because we’ve been having some mail stolen in the neighborhood. I was expecting a fight or at least a hard sell on something else.

Instead, as an Appreciation Plus member (whatever the hell that is though I figure it’s related to being a Citi cardholder for 13 years), I was forwarded straight to a customer service rep who immediately canceled the checks with no fuss.

This is so rare these days that it warrants mentioning. Something as simple as that can cause me to recommend Citi credit cards to people I know.

For related thoughts, read Joel.  Of course, you should read Joel anyway, especially if you have anything to do with software.

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