I’ve always found the figure of Sisyphus fascinating and apparently so did Camus.  If life is truly absurd, as Camus believed, how do we find meaning?  Sisyphus gives us a clue, lending evidence to the idea that the journey, not the desintation, is what truly gives meaning to something.

In today’s world of instant gratification and constant bombardment of information, it is difficult to recognize the meaning in the struggle of life itself, much less in any one particular endeavor.  However, if we can see Sisyphus as happy even though his life is full of struggle, we can begin to find happiness in our own lives.  The goals we achieve are merely milestones along the path of struggle that perhaps mark achievement but do not contribute meaning to our lives.  Self-discovery is found along the path of struggle towards those goals and it is this path with all its tribulations that we derive meaning from.

Realizing this makes us more cognizant of the meaning inherent in the daily struggle of life.

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