I recently upgraded with Cingular to get a new phone. It”s an LG phone. I really thought it was quite possibly the worst UI design ever for a phone. Apparently, that”s an LG selling point. I don”t have time to write 10,000 words on how bad my phone sucks like Joel does (though I highly suggest you read it, it”s funny and you”ll remember not to get an LG phone next time you”re phone shopping) but suffice it to say, LG phones suck major ass. They look cheap, they have TERRIBLE menu systems (it takes 8 button clicks using 4 different buttons just to get to VOICE MAIL! On a cell phone! Didn”t someone tell LG that voice mail is an integral part of cell phone use?!?! Mary Mother of Maltaban, this phone bites) and they just generally are hard to use. I”m seriously considering dropping the $150 or whatever for a RAZR just for a decent phone.

What does this mean for the rest of the LG products? Why would I buy a fridge or a washing machine from them if they can”t get a phone right? Answer: I wouldn”t. Moral of the story: Don”t buy LG, they suck.