The Continued Nannification of the US

An alderman in Chicago wants the city to ban trans-fats in restaurants. Ahem. Maybe if we all just sat in our recliners and ate broccoli, no one would ever get fat. Let”s pass a law. And of course, when faced with criticism (as these idiots usually rightfully are), it comes down to the children:

    “If it were just about adults, I would say, ‘O.K., we should butt out,’ ” Mr. Burke said in an interview. “But youngsters are assuming diets that are unhealthy.”

God forbid the damn parents take some interest in their kids lives and stop letting them eat Whoppers every day. We need to pass a law to make the state the parental replacement. It”s stories like this than can just ruin your day.

Hat tip: The Volokh Conspiracy which seems to be down right now.