Random Garden Update

We went off the deep end again this weekend and started a new flower bed/garden project/”we must be insane idea” idea this weekend. As they usually do, this started on Friday night after one too many beers. We’ve been talking about extending our current perennial bed in a big way but as usual, a “big way” just wasn’t enough. So we decided to make it big enough to build an arbor and a bench in one corner of our lawn as well as extend the current bed.

You can see pictures here. There are also a couple of shots of our last garden project. The small tree in the foreground of picture 3 is a mandarin orange tree bought on impulse when I went to Home Depot to get some compost. I really shouldn’t be allowed out of the house with a credit card if I’m going to a nursery.

Also included in that gallery is a shot of the latest addition to our lawn. I bought an Autumn Blaze maple this weekend at the annual Texas Discovery Garden plant sale. We planted it in the front and it’s supposed to be a beautiful tree that is a fast grower. This will be in nice contrast to the very slow growing live oak on the other side of our driveway.

In other related gardening notes, the tomatoes are starting to really come in, especially the one that came up free standing in the compost pile. We also have a free standing cucumber that’s growing in the compost pile. The corn is schizophrenic and can’t decide what it’s doing. The okra has aphids, the squash died but came back on the third day and the garlic is probably ready to be pulled up.