Quote of the Day

“I’m like a vacuum bag that holds all that old dirt.” –Stroke 9, Vacuum Bag

Deep, man, deep.

The Office Linebacker

I wish we had one of these around here. Sure would cut down on empty coffee pots and idiots standing around doing nothing which we have more than our share of.

Markets in Everything

Apparently, in parts of western India, wives are rented by their husbands to other men on a month-to-month basis because of shortage of available marriable women. As always, the law of supply and demand shows up. This sad state of affairs (heh) is brought about by families having a tendency to abort female fetuses since males are presumably preferred, a situation that China also faces. However, given the choice between a healthy daughter and a future head case of a son who either can’t get married or has to rent another man’s wife, I’ll take the daughter any time.

Further proof that screwing with Nature is an inherently bad idea.

Props: Tyler at Marginal Revolution

Random Search Engine Stuff

Apparently I am number 7 on Google when someone searches for “mercy flush” and numero uno when someone searches for “perky cox“. I’m sure that means something but I don’t know what it is.

Though I do find it sad that Laura K. Perkins Cox is running for public office and she doesn’t even seem to have a website. In this day and age, I would assume a web site would be the very first thing you do after you file to run for office. Oh well, you people coming here looking for information on Perky Cox are going to have to find it elsewhere I guess.