The Pussification of American Kids Continues

First they get rid of sodas in schools (to which I say good riddance, only because I never had sodas in schools so those little punks shouldn’t either) and now they’re getting rid if swingsets in Portland.

As the article notes, part of childhood is taking risks and figuring out what you can do and can’t do without breaking your damn arm or leg. Perhaps I exaggerate but this will significantly contribute to the eventual demise of America as a super-power. Kids who are afraid of everything don’t make very good innovators.

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  1. It’s a natural human instinct to want to protect your children from every potential danger that comes their way. But all I know is, if I never learned anything the hard way or experienced disappointment or heartbreak or anger or pain, I would be a complete f-ing mess today. I’m sure it was tough for my mom to let me fail. But that’s called good parenting. The only way to learn, to REALLY learn, is by experience.

  2. Yup, the age of political correctness and “I’m ok, you’re ok” will eventually come back to haunt us, maybe sooner than we all think.

  3. no RUNNING on a playground?? How’bout skipping? is skipping ok?

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