No, this isn’t a post about a certain fat cat I happen to know. It’s about the coolest thing on the internet I’ve seen in a long, long time. Pandora is part of the Music Genome Project. You start off giving it one or two (or 6 in my case) artists that you like and it then matches up other artists, many you probably haven’t heard of, to create a station that is uniquely yours.

I started out with Old 97’s and I just got done listening to Jf Robitaille, whoever the hell that is. You train the stations by telling it which songs you do like and which ones you don’t. In the end, you’ve got a pretty kick ass little personal jukebox.

I’m addicted and I’m looking into toys that play nice with Pandora, making it possible to take it with you, broadcast it over your sound system and other cool stuff. You should definitely check it out.

Garden Update

Not sure if I put these pictures up when we created the garden but here”s what our new bed looked like in March compared to exactly 2 months later.

Still some bare spots but we”re growing some things from seed so it takes some time. I don”t think we”ll do that again as the instant gratification thing really doesn”t work out so well that way.

It’s All In the Name

As many of you know, it’s election time for lots of city councils around the Metroplex. You should definitely get out and vote as it’s your American duty. Or something like that. But scolding you for being a worthless no-account isn’t what I’m interested in today. No, I’m interested in a certain candidate for Garland City Council District 2. There are two people running for this place, one Terri D. Dunn and one Laura K. Perkins Cox.

Now I have no idea what the qualifications of either candidate are or who you should vote for if you live in Garland. In fact, before my drive home yesterday, I had no idea about any of this. But on that ill-fated drive home, I encountered the lawn signs of Ms. Cox, she of the “four names isn’t enough to differentiate me from the crowd” group. You see, Ms. Cox has a nickname, one that seems to me would be one you might not want on your advertisements. But Ms. Cox is proud of her nickname. So proud that it apparently is her preferred moniker. Why would I write all these words for a candidate I know nothing about and can’t even vote for? It’s all because of the name.

Her nickname is Perky. And she goes by Perky Cox. Yup. Garland District 2, you have the chance to be represented by Perky Cox. How could you not vote for her?