Blame the Victim

It never takes long after a Palestinian terrorist blows himself (or herself) up in a crowded restaurant or night club or bus before the loonies start blaming Israel for the act. This author talks about how the wall will hermetically seal the Palestinians to their fate, forgetting that”s what they asked for, a state of their own, forgetting that all the talk of wiping Israel of the face of the earth is what brings all this on.

He claims the terrorist was an innocent, suffering greatly under Israeli rule, left open only one option, that of terrorism. This is all so much disgusting mental gymnastics, finding a way to excuse the decades of Palestinian terrorism in an attempt to foist all responsibility onto Israel. This is no different than people who blame rape victims for what they were wearing.

Nothing ever excuses blowing yourself up with a bomb made of nails, screws and ball bearings soaked in rat poison, designed to inflict the most damage possible, physical and mental.

The wall is there to do one thing: protect the truly innocent. Anyone who says otherwise is a fool.