Homeland Security Remains a Joke

It’s hard to take the Department of Homeland Security seriously when the deputy press secretary of DHS is arrested for solicitiing a minor. This is just too much. It reminds me of the movie Mars Attacks where the VP (Martin Short) goes around picking up hookers and showing them the White House. Un-fucking-believable.

Update: Nonregistration required, firewall friendly link here.

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  1. I am now creeped out for the day. Why this gets me more than any other (of the quite a few that have been in the news) adult-minor predation story, I don’t know. Nonetheless,

  2. Well, I’d have to say it might creep you out because you’d expect someone working for the DHS to have some conception of right and wrong. Barring that, you’d think they might understand how easy it is for the cops to trap someone in a situation like this.

    Alas, none of that is true.

  3. huh. first of all, after “Nonetheless”, there should have been the word “shudder”. Anyway, I thought of that, my reaction being because of who he is, but I’m actually not sure. It very well may be, but it also could be that I’m finally reacting to all the stories. Either way, this is frightening. All the info he was giving away, too.. Holy moly. What I don’t think I’ve seen yet is how people got tipped off to him. (and if it says that in your link, I wouldn’t know because it’s to the DMN!! Seriously, please reconsider linking to them, unless I’m the only one in your fanbase that can’t get through)

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