Bird Blogging Weekend

It’s a bird-blogging weekend with some pictures of various birds that showed up in the cold this morning. They’re pretty skitterish about having a guy in a red fleece jacket sitting under their feeder but I managed to get a couple of decent shots of a Tufted Titmouse and a Carolina Chickadee.

Here’s the chickadee scoping me out. This is the best shot of an inquisitive titmouse, making sure I’m going to stay put before he grabs a seed. Last but not least, his buddy is giving me the eye, seemingly undecided on the relative safety of eating at this present time.

We’ve also apparently been found by the local red-winged blackbirds who are a ravenous bunch and I’ve taken to scaring them off occasionally as they crowd out the songbirds and finches. But I guess it’s hard to be that upset since I’m the one putting out seed and they’re just doing their birdly duty of eating it.