The Dallas City Council is giving away taxpayer money and almost no one seems to give a flying fuck about it. The shortsightedness and me-first attitudes of many on the council will eventually come back to haunt Dallas, probably sooner rather than later. However, much like children with no disipline, the Council seems to have grown into spoiled rotten bullies, more inclined to look for platitudes and easy handouts than difficult governmental work. The racial history of Dallas continues to plague the city and will continue to do so for the forseeable future.

Because there is a great deal of truth to the Dallas image of selfishness and navel gazing, most of the citizens will not be doing anything about it until it”s much, much too late. Some days, it”s difficult to express how glad I am that I live in a small city without those problems. But somewhere, deep down inside buried beneath a lifetime (ack! 33 years! ack!) of internal censorship and self-imposed isolation, I want to get involved to make a difference. I think another Maker”s Mark is probably in order to quell those thoughts.