This is a darn cool website. Ajax is probably the hottest technology for web design currently, allowing for things like Google Maps and this translator. Pretty cool stuff for geeks like me.

Newsflash: Idiots run in the street, surprised people hate them. The attitudes of the runners interviewed in the story make me less likely to be sympathetic to their causes. They don’t have a right of way in the street and deserve any tickets that come their way. Blaming the Highland Park “Bubble attitude” is ridiculous.

In other news, Radio continues to suck major ass. It continually hangs on the FTP connection and I'm sure that if I were to research it or bring it up, they'd say it's because I'm no longer getting updates. If and/or when I ever get back into this blogging deal on a semi-half-ass basis, it will be with another content management provider. Off to republish this months archives after I reboot to unhang Radio's pitiful FTP client.

The Dallas City Council is giving away taxpayer money and almost no one seems to give a flying fuck about it. The shortsightedness and me-first attitudes of many on the council will eventually come back to haunt Dallas, probably sooner rather than later. However, much like children with no disipline, the Council seems to have grown into spoiled rotten bullies, more inclined to look for platitudes and easy handouts than difficult governmental work. The racial history of Dallas continues to plague the city and will continue to do so for the forseeable future.

Because there is a great deal of truth to the Dallas image of selfishness and navel gazing, most of the citizens will not be doing anything about it until it”s much, much too late. Some days, it”s difficult to express how glad I am that I live in a small city without those problems. But somewhere, deep down inside buried beneath a lifetime (ack! 33 years! ack!) of internal censorship and self-imposed isolation, I want to get involved to make a difference. I think another Maker”s Mark is probably in order to quell those thoughts.

An amazing article over at Winds of Change regarding the F-35 and America's cooperation or lack thereof in this case with Britain, a major ally. It's impossible for me to even begin to summarize the article and all the really intelligent comments but suffice it to say, we could well be making a decision that drives our allies away from us and at the heart of the matter, Republicans are doing the driving currently.

Let the competition begin. Southwest is going to start flying to Missouri almost immediately and American is already feeling the heat. It still boggles my mind that our own representatives (See whiny Joe Barton-R Ennis) would be campaigning against the Wright repeal when it means more competition and lower prices. Already, American has had to slash their prices on the Missouri routes. How is this a bad thing? And how in the holy hell, can a Republican campaign against something that is distinctly lesser government leaning?

Eventually, Southwest will be able to fly wherever they damn well please out of Love and that”s good for everyone in the community. Scare tactics from American and their cronies notwithstanding, competition is good and this can only help that.