Things are definitely afoot down at Dallas City Hall. The FBI showed up today and searched the office and law office of Councilman Hill and the security company run by Councilman Fantroy.

I don’t suppose this might have anything to do with the little discussions that have been going on down in Austin, would they? Some very interesting things are about to go down around City Hall and the DMN isn’t going to be able to ignore it and neither will anyone else around there.

I, for one, find it both amusing and welcoming that the FBI is about to start cracking heads on something big. And I’d bet dollars to donuts that before it’s all said and done, race is going to become a big part of the action.

Right now, I’m just writing to try to get back into the swing of things, almost an instinct fulfilled I suppose. So with that in mind, I say go read Jim Schutze and his recent coverage of something that should be a colossal scandal at City Hall but that you probably don’t know is even happening. Start with his May 12th column and read forward to the link above. You can find archives at the bottom of that page.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone who knows much at all about Dallas’ past to find out that people in south Dallas are getting short shrift when it comes to City Hall. It will just surprise you who’s getting it this time.