Alan at Metroblogging writes on the phenomenon of the knockdown, a phenomenon where someone buys a house in an older neighborhood, razes it and builds a nice new pretty house. This is happening all over the M streets and Lakewood where I live. In fact, K and I went on a Sunday drive this past weekend and saw tons of these. This is economically feasible because the land is usually worth so much more than the house.

We saw some that were terribly out of place, others that fit right in, and everything in-between. Like Alan, I’m all for it. We went to an open house this weekend as well that had an old hippie realtor and she went on a minor rant about the knockdown phenomenon, railing on about why anyone would want to knockdown a cute little house like this one was beyond her. As I stood in the living room the size of the master bedroom closet at my new house and looked into the bathroom with outdated green tile and a kitchen with a floor that sloped down towards the backyard, all I could do was smile and nod. Some people just don’t like change. I for one think if you have the money, more power to you. I’d love to live in a big house on Mercedes Street. Someday, maybe we will.

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