Bad things are going on at City Hall. I know this is a shock but apparently, the mayor we elected to do the little things like improve our schools and fix our crummy streets, has changed, like a doppleganger only in a more sinister manner and now has this “vision” of Dallas and apparently it doesn”t involve said schools and said streets. It involves bridges over the Trinity River, designed by some so-and-so which will clearly make Dallas a great place to live and visit.

Dallas has the chance to remake itself, not just the downtown but the city in general, and the big political players downtown are going to push us in the wrong direction. They”ve converted the mayor and apparently are trying to create a limited government corporation to have a “vision” for downtown. This limited government corporation would do things like have “the power to do basic planning, to sell bonds and raise money, to build roads and parking structures, to decide transit issues, basically to determine how downtown should be developed” instead of your elected officials. How is this a good idea? How could taking power from democratically elected officials and giving it to anything, much less a limited government corporation ever be a good idea? It can”t be and it isn”t.

Write your council member (you can find them here, you know, just in case you didn”t know who yours was) and tell them it”s a crummy idea and that you want the council to decide how downtown is remade. It”s that silly democratic ideal.